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MET528 term paper


The term paper should discuss a meta scientific topic of relevance to the practice of economics. It is important to keep the meta perspective. For the most part mainstream economics papers are not suitable term papers for MET528.

It is important that you choose a topic that involves a clear question that you will be able to conclude on. You want to avoid writing a long discussion that just abruptly ends or taper off.

If you are in doubt about whether a particular topic is a good fit, drop me a line!

Format and style

  1. The paper should be submitted in the form of a pdf file, in a 10-12 pt serif font (such as Times, Georgia or similar). The paper size should be a4 in a portrait orientation.
  2. There should be 1-inch margins, with first-line indents and no extra vertical space between paragraphs, and there should be both left and right justification of the text; the line spacing should be slightly larger than unity.
  3. There should be an abstract of 100-150 words.
  4. I believe 10-15 pages in total should be sufficient to get your point across for everyone, but there is no hard upper or lower limit to what I’ll accept.
  5. Make sure that you reference all material you rely on. Use the Chicago author-date format.
  6. Everyone should know about Butterick’s Practical Typography. It is also never wrong to consult The Chicago Manual of Style, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, and similar resources.